Players Club

Welcome to the Chris George Guitars Players Club. If you have a Chris George guitar, a picture of you and it together; email it to us and you could be here too.

Devil’s Advocate Halloween Gig

Peter playing left handed single cut electric

Mike playing a short scale, small bodied, steel string acoustic

Sam with his brand new Custom CE-S Steel string, (koa and spruce acoustic with Shadow Dual Play pickup system).

What can we say? Sartorial elegance was never Paul's strong point! The guitar is a Variax equipped hybrid with regular pickups and two outputs. Lovely edge burst!.

This really should not be here but it amused both Jerry, Doug and I.

"Go on Col, sing something non controversial!" . . . . . . . absolute silence.

Dave playing “Lola” acoustic

Dave playing “Ellie” variax hybrid

Steven with his new toy

Doug of Hunter Muskett in mid gig

Paul in full swing

Terry of Hunter Muskett playing Electric/ Electro-Acoustic hybrid.

Shug (Gold Top) and Chris (Stereo Hollow body) with The Rockets, live at outside gig

Paul again, with his new guitar.