Take nearly 40 years of guitar playing experience, add in that same amount of time repairing and building guitars, flavour with a dash of modern technology and bake gently with a lifelong passion.

That is the Chris George recipe for creating unique custom instruments.

When Guitarist Magazine in the UK awards its coveted 5 star "Guitarist Choice" you know this is something special. When that same magazine features the builder again under its "Best Gear First" byline then there can be no doubt - this is the premier level of guitar design and construction.

Chris George Guitars are special.

If now is the time to create the guitar you have always wanted then embark on that journey with a master builder - and realise your dream.


Chris has now been shortlisted (how cool is that?) for the 2013 'Best Acoustic Guitar of the Year' MIA award so many thanks to all of you who voted for him.